Tube PAC Media

Tube PAC Media are able to increase the water chemical productivity. They are able to work on the high temperature also. They are very long by its size and it has lots if thin layer inside of it. Mostly we are offering them in the market in black color. We are providing these products in market at very reasonable prices. They have lots of particles into the with bottom of this tube.



Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 2 Cubic Meter
Brand/make PP AQUATECH
Model/Type PP-TSM-79
Installation Service Yes


  • Very effluent
  • Drastic
  • Compact design

Technical Specifications:

Plan settling area of media
Slope 600, Slope 550
11.0 m2/m3
13.0 m2/m3
Cross sectional area 120 mm X 44 mm
Shape Hexagonal chevron
Hydraulic radius 1.5 cm
Moc Of media PVC
Thickness 1.1 mm (+/- 0.1 mm)
Fitting arrangement Tongue & groove
Max continuous operating temperature 550 Celsius
Color Black