Tube Deck Media

We are manufacturing and supplying an optimum quality of Tube Deck Media for our customers as per the need of them. Inclined tube media is used for water supply and drainage part of inlet material. They are not required any kind of packing. They are made of the hydrophilic material with laminar form. We serve them in lots of designs.



Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Cubic Meter
Brand/make PP AQUATECH
Model/Type PP-TSM-99
Installation Service Yes


  • Sand removal
  • Rough
  • Hydrophilic material

Technical Specifications:

Plan Settling Area of Media 60oSlope 1.0 m2/m3
55oSlope 13.0 m2/m3
Cross Sectional Area 120 mm X 44 mm
Shape Hexagonal Chevron
Hydraulic Radius 1.5 cm
MOC of Media PVC
Thickness 1.1 mm (+/- 0.1 mm)
Fitting Arrangement Tongue & Groove
Max Continuous Operating Temperature 55o Celsius
Colour Black
Distance Between Adjacent Tubes Horizontal Vertical 120.0 mm
44.0 mm
Weight 75.0 kg/m3 (Approx.)
Separator Heights 5.5 m2 Settling Area/ m2
500 mm 1000 m 11.0 m2 Settling Area/ m2
Other Height Upon Request