Trapezoidal Cylindrical Bio PAC Media

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Cubic Meter
Brand/make pp aquatech
Model/Type PP 30
Installation Service Yes

Trapezoidal Cylindrical Bio PAC Media are used for fish farming, waste water treatment, filter media and fish jar. They are very light in weight and have a tendency of biofilm. In these kinds of equipments kopi filters are used. They have the process of self cleaning. They are used for water industries and it has white color flake. We are providing these products in market at very affordable prices.




  • Less sensitivity to shock loading
  • Clog free operation
  • No channels or dead spots
  • Provides high Bio – Surface Area
  • Make Bio-Reactors extremely compact
  • No backwash needed
  • No Sludge return Systems Needed
  • Longer Media Life
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Longer Media Life

Technical Specifications:

Length 30 mm
Diameter 32 mm
Shape Trapezoidal
PSA / TSA Ratio (%) 88
Void Ratio, V / V 92
Specific Weight, Kg/m2 0.47
Density gm / cc 0.93
No. of Pieces per Cubic Meter 22500
Media Fill Rate Range % Fill of V 35-65