SAFF Media

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 10 Cubic Meter
Brand/make PP AQUATECH
Model/Type PPA
Installation Service Yes

Saff Media is a Biometric Time Recording machine. They have the facility of touch screen. They are used for the Upgrading existing rock trickling filters. They have lots of Trickling Filters. They are fixed with the film reactors. They have lots of scrubbing. We are providing these products in market at very reasonable prices. These are looking very aerobic and these are used for the Waste water treatment.


Special Features:

  • Upgrading existing rock trickling filters
  • BOD Reduction in Trickling Filters
  • Complete Secondary Treatment
  • Trickling Filters/Solids Contact (TF/SC)
  • Roughing of pre-treatment
  • Odour Scrubbing. Anaerobic Treatment
  • SAFF or submerged aerobic fixed film reactors


  • Increase surface area
  • Used where waste water is generated

Technical Specifications:

Product PP.SA.19.79
Flute height (mm) 29
Longitudinal pitch (mm) 65
Spiral angle (deg.) 27
Standard sheet size l x w(mm) 1200 x 600
Maximum fill sheet size l x w (mm) 1800 x 600
Surface area/unit volume (m2/m3) 110
Max. continuous operating temperature (deg. c) 55
Recommended minimum fill thickness (mm) 0.3
Sizes available 600 mm X 1200 mm
Raw Material Used Poly propylene