Random Bio Media

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 5 Cubic Meter
Brand/make pp aquatech
Model/Type pp 22
Installation Service Yes

They are very sophisticated designed, our Random Bio Media has very exceptional durability. They all have high dimensional accuracy. they are improving the Biological treatment system with Trickling Filters and Anaerobic Digesters. They have very excellent finishing, Abrasion resistant and Corrosion resistant. These equipments are very easy to operate. We offer them at very affordable prices.




  • Handles wide range of hydraulic loading rates
  • Excellent for BOD Reduction
  • No channels or dead spots
  • Provides high Bio – Surface Area
  • Random Dumping
  • Low minimum wetting rate
  • Longer Media Life
  • Extremely easy to install


  • Increase surface area
  • Used where waste water is generated

Technical Specifications:

Model PPA-FPM-500
Type of media Random bio media
Color Black
Media height 51 mm
Media diameter 187 mm
Type of media Fluidized bio media
Moc of media Virgin pp uv stabilized
Structure Self supporting cylindrical shaped With internal ribs and concrete circular sections
Surface area/ unit bulk volume 100 m2/m3
Bulk density 35 kg/m3
Specific gravity 0.95 – 1.04 gm/cm3
Bod removal efficiency 70% – 80%
Void age > 95%
Max operating temperature 800oC
Wetting rate (min) 5.6 m3/day m2 of csa
Sizes available 51 mm X 187 mm
Raw Material Used Poly propylene