Fine Bubble Membrane Diffusers

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 10 Piece
Brand/make PP AQUATECH
Model/Type FBD 63-1000, FBD 63-610, FBD-90-1000
Installation Service Yes

Fine Bubble Membrane Diffusers are produce a very small air bubbles, which arise normally from the floor of a waste water treatment plant. They are capable to provide the efficient mass oxygen for the water. They have the bacteria to produce enzymes for lifting up the bubbles. These diffusers are very smaller in size. They are very Innovative by its advanced technology. We offer them as per the need of customers




  • Increases capacity of clarifier
  • Enhances particle agglomeration and growth
  • Increases capacity of clarifier
  • Enhances suspended solids concentration
  • Installation is fast and easy

Sizes of Fine bubble diffuser/ membrane diffuser available are:

Type Membrane OD Length Air Flow Rate
PPA-63-610 63 mm 610 mm 2.0 – 7.0 m3/hr
PPA-63-1000 63 mm 1000 mm 7.0 – 10.0 m3/hr
PPA-90-1000 90 mm 1000 mm 9.0 – 12.5 m3/hr


  • Fine bubble diffuser/ membrane diffuser
  • Industries where this product is used : Where waste water is generated
  • Colors & packaging available : Black & Poly Bags


Model PPA-63-610
Material EPDM/ Silicon
Diameter 63 mm
Length 610 mm
Type of bubble Fine
Size of bubbles 1.0 to 2.0 mm
Air flow rate 2.0 – 7.0 cum/hr
Effective area of membrane 0.1 sqm.
Operating temperature range 35 Deg. celsius
Temperature tolerance Maximum 85 deg. celsius
Size of end connection ¾” npt
Moc of membrane support Pvc
Moc of membrane clamps ss – 304
Moc of end cap pvc
Moc of end connector pvc
Size of end connection SS aisi 304
Sort upto 3 kg/kw/hr
No. of slits 8435