Trickling Filter Media

We are manufacturing supplying of a qualitative range of trickling filter media and all type of bio mediaWater and Waste Water Treatment Equipment.

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  • Trickling Filter Media

    Trickling Filter Media

    Product Details:

    Minimum Order Quantity 10 Cubic Meter
    Brand/make PP AQUATECH
    Model/Type PPA
    Installation Service Yes

    Trickling Filter Media are very light in weight, easy to handle, and have Long time working capability. Plastic Random Packing materials are tower packing apparatus made of the plastics and polyethylene. They are heat-resistant, chemical and corrosion-resistant. We are offering them in lots of beautiful colors. It has a fixed setting for rolling. They are used for public places and entertainment purpose.

  • Trickling Media

    Trickling Media

    The treatment of industrial wastewater may involve specialised tricking Media which use plastic media and high flow rates. Wastewaters from a variety of industrial processes have been treated in trickling Media.