Media for Reactor

Media for Reactor are supplying the the best quality of such products, MBBR Media – 22, Random Bio Media, Flower Media, Fib Media ( Non Clog Type) with lots of strength and durability. We offer them at very affordable prices. They have less sensitivity to shock proofing

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  • Bio Growth Media

    Bio Growth Media

    Product Details:

    Minimum Order Quantity 50 Cubic Meter
    Installation Service Yes, Yes

    Bio Growth Media has numerous applications in Waste water treatment. The shape of the media has a significant influence on application and must be considered along specific surface area and void ratio.

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  • Random Bio Media

    Random Bio Media

    Product Details:

    Minimum Order Quantity 5 Cubic Meter
    Brand/make pp aquatech
    Model/Type pp 22
    Installation Service Yes

    They are very sophisticated designed, our Random Bio Media has very exceptional durability. They all have high dimensional accuracy. they are improving the Biological treatment system with Trickling Filters and Anaerobic Digesters. They have very excellent finishing, Abrasion resistant and Corrosion resistant. These equipments are very easy to operate. We offer them at very affordable prices.

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